2.5 MW Generator

EAI’s 2.5 MW generator was designed for aerospace applications. Innovative techniques for the electromagnetic and thermal design of the 2.5 MW generator were applied and the design can be scaled from 1.0 to 5.0 MW. The main generator design utilizes wound field synchronous machine technology and incorporates a brushless DC exciter. Additional information for the 2.5 MW generator is available upon request.

Weight 390 lbs
Speed 15000 RPM
Coolant Oil
Rating 2.5 MW
Phase 3
Line Voltage 620/1,240 V
Current 2500/1250 A
Power Factor 0.95
Frequency 1,500 Hz
Efficiency 95%
Voltage Regulation +/- 1%
Dimensions (LxD) 21 x 15 inch

High Torque Density Traction Motor

Developed under contract from the U.S. Army TACOM, the motor is of a pancake type design with water-cooled stators.

The controller design is based on hysteretic switching of input current. Water cooled power IGBTs have control signals transmitted via fiber optic cables to prevent adverse effects of electrical interference.

Breadboard assembly and tests with partial loads have been completed.


Motor Diameter: 25 inches
Length: 10.5 inches excluding shaft

Speed RPM Continuous HP DC Bus Voltage
 4500  1500  1200
 2400  750  600
 1200  375  300
 600  187  150

Note: Other speed, torque and voltage combinations available.